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How the School Council works

Osborne’s School Council makes a valued and positive contribution to the successful performance of the school via its respected ‘voice’; representing their views, raising issues and offering possible solutions.

In September, children wishing to become a School Councillor have to identify their skills, to their peers, which would enable them to represent their class’ views and promote beneficial changes for every child in the school.

The School Council consists of two pupils from each class from Years 2 to 6 who meet and discuss current issues for example about feeling safe in school, requesting more fun activities during break times.

The Chair and Secretary of the School Council then request a meeting with the relevant Senior Leaders to put forward the School Council’s views and suggestions. The actions are agreed, acted upon by the relevant personnel (children or staff) and the actions are reviewed by the School Council at a later date.

Being a School Councillor enables children to develop vital life skills via constructive negotiation and engagement in a democratic process.

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